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Is the Kite dangerous

Modern security systrems are very reliable..
Used in the right way and with the right timing they make kitesurfing safe. Learn  how to use them under the supervision of  our  instructors.

What do i have to bring for the lesson ?

Solar cream, sun glasses, water. Shoes for the first beach lesson to beware from the sand heat.The rest of the equipment is given by the school.

How long does it take to ride alone and safe ?

Depends on the weather conditions, on your sport predisposition, on the relationship with the instructor. Each student has got his own learning curve. Usually you can ride the first meters if you have a perfect kite, body and board control. Beginning from zero you can get it with 9 hours course.

How can i choose the right equipment to buy ?

If you buy new equipment you must be careful regarding the kite sizes. And it’s better to buy kites of the same brand so you can use only one bar for all.
Depending on the level and the usual spot conditions is important to choose the board size also. Bigger if you are a beginner or you ride in light conditions. (140/170 x 44/46) and smaller if riding with strong wind (more than 20/25 knots) or if your level is advanced.

The best gear is compsed on 3 wings (7-9-11/12 o 8-10-12) depending on your weight.

ÁIf you buy used staff it’s very important to check the canopy conditions and the leading edge stiches. Look very carefully for canopy or other reparations and check them.

Is it better to buy or rent equipment ?

Depends on how many times a year you ride.
If the spot is close to you and you ride more than 30/40 times a yeasr is better to buy.
Otherwise is better to rent so you can travel easy without heavy lugagges.
Usually the material for rent is always good if you go in certified and authorized schools or centers.

While riding is it better to keep the front leg straight or bended ?

Depends on how the rider is used.
Lot of pro-riders keep the front leg bended and many others straight. There isn’t a rule on this.

What can i do to have tips and suggestions to improove my nautical skills ?

Contact us on the Facebook page and we will be glad to help you !!!

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