Surf courses in Tenerife

A federal surf instructor will be at your disposal to get you straight in the water and start to surf waves from the first lesson.

And more...

  • 1. Material

    All material included : Foam board, Safety leash, Wetsuit, Sunscreen.

  • 3. Special Rental for our students

    All our students have a surf material rent special price

  • 3. Kids Surf Academy

    If you are under 12 years you can joyn our surf academy with special training and coaching

  • 4. Spot

    Our surf lessons are on the Médano beach, in a reserved area for the surf activity. Conditions are ideal regarding improving and safety. You don’t need to swim offshore to get the waves. No rocks or other dangers and the waves are perfect to stand over the board since the first lesson.



  • 1,5h

2 Persons

  • Per person

3 Persons

  • Per person

4 Persons

  • Per person


Discover what we can do for you.

Material Storage
  • Store your material in our storage area
  • Private boxes, hot shower, indipendent entrance
  • 70 meters far away from the spot entrance
Apartment Solution
  • Contact us to get information regarding our apartments availability.  All the apartments are in El Médano, 5 minutes walking to the spot entrance
Advanced Lessons
  • Our passion at your disposal for your surfing progression !!! 
  • Kite: Strapless lessons, advanced and beginner. Freestyle lessons. “Old school” lessons
  • Windsurf: Learn wave and freestyle tricks with our instructors
  • Surf: Surf with us in the most radical spots of the island