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20 years experience

Sognicanarias Watersports owner.

Sails around the world with his parents when he is 6. He will be back in Italy after 6 years of sailing visiting 56 countries.

Cinema actor during the 90’s, professional motocross rider till 20 years old.

Skipper of “Barbara Nova” in the Mediterranean waters from 1996 to 1999.

In this year starts to work in the tour operators world as sport manager for an important tourism company.

The large career in this sector takes him to manage Nautical services in some of the most important italian  tourism companies.

In 2013 he takes care about the full product of Sogni s.r.l.. leader company in sport, events, consulting.

Sognicanarias Watersports, that he manages with his wife Ylenia,  is born thanks to the cooperation with Sogni srl in Italy and to the great passion that he has for Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Surfing and Sailing.

Federal Kite Instructor ( Real federación de españa de vela) 2 level Iko kitesurfing instructor, windsurf (vdws) instructor.

He currently speaks Italian – English – Spanish – French.

He spends his free time with his wife and the two sons Ginevra and Tommaso Giuseppe.

He also never forget to train with kitesurf, windsurf and surf…

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Umberto Caglini

Sognicanarias Watersports Manager

Professional Staff

Latest technologies



We formed a team with big experience in water sports and tourism services

Foto Ylenia Quienes Somos_1
Ylenia Cantarutti


After a professional sports experience in the professional category of the Italian volleyball, she has specialized as a sports journalist, and now takes over the administration of Sognicanarias, which combines with attention to her two young children, Ginevra, and Tommaso Giuseppe

Eros Patelli


He takes care about the Sognicanarias surf school. Waves are his passion. He surfed the best waves in the world. Now he lives in Tenerife, he shares his time between surf lesson (to small kids and adults) and his training in the best spots of the island
Manuel Terren


Director of the events by Sognicanarias. “Manu Free” is his stage name and his soul is windsurfing. He transmits The same passion he has for the sea in the tourism activities. He managed the sports activities and events for the best tour operators in the world.
He is now a crucial resource for Sognicanarias.

Alberto Platania


Sogni s.r.l Italy administrator.

Sogni s.r.l. is a  company leading in tourism sector since 1995. Over 20 years of experience makes him one of the most appreciated personalities between the italian  tourism companies. He decided to make his experience available to Sognicanarias development and increasing.

He is Sognicanarias partner and main consultant.


Discover what we can do for you.

Material Storage
  • Store your material in our storage area
  • Private boxes, hot shower, indipendent entrance
  • 70 meters far away from the spot entrance
Apartment Solution
  • Contact us to get information regarding our apartments availability.  All the apartments are in El Médano, 5 minutes walking to the spot entrance
Advanced Lessons
  • Our passion at your disposal for your surfing progression !!! 
  • Kite: Strapless lessons, advanced and beginner. Freestyle lessons. “Old school” lessons, big air.
  • Windsurf: Learn wave and freestyle tricks with our instructors
  • Surf: Surf with us in the most radical spots of the island
  • Wingfoil : Learn with us this new and great watersport