Frenetic pace, decreasing deepening ability, smartphones have become vital organs.
Custom and traditions today they change very fast. We are scared to get older but in the same time we don’t consider death, we live like if we were eternal.
But the proverb didn’t say : “Live like if you should die tomorrow and think like you should never die ?”
Add past regrets, a bit of nostalgia sticked above a memories album browsed to often.
Than put some mental masturbation and the soup in your brain it’s ready.
We are worried about what will become of us, if our projects will succeed if we’ll heal from any disease, what will become of our loved ones, of our goods, of our fellow.
We rebound like a flipper ball between past and future and we forget that our body and our mind live the present.
Also when we do daily actions we are able to project ourselves out from it.
We see a car and we think about the past when we had one or about how much we would like to have it in the future.
Anything pulls us out of the present. We get on us too much hurry because we have to do something right now, as soon as possible, before it’s too late.
Have you ever been thinking that the meditation practice are all focused on the present ?
Listen to our breath, escape from the body, reaching an atemporal being.

We need to take a beat, to breath, to live this present that is the doorway to a neutral being where we are conditioned by anything.
This conditioning is caused only by our mind, that like a fierce horse, runs without control taking us out of the reality, precisely the present.

I’m not very good in meditation practice, I only had and i still have the luck to live close to the natural elements, that in a very easy way they slam in your face the naked truth, with simple, cast-iron and overall adamant rules.
When you reach a level the t lets you surf a wave (only board, windsurfing, kiting….) means that you spent a lot of hours in the water and you understood the meaning of what you can afford. Something that anyone could afford without doing the same hard and long way.
You can’t buy a well done bottom turn, a hard cut back to smash the lip. Amazon’s store doesn’t have it available.
It’s when you’re there, above the lip, you start feeling the wave power.
You get down, get up fast and one more time down, after giving an irreverent slap at the lip with the tail.
In this moment your mind is focused on the present, the elements opened the doors for you, you’re part of them. They let you in because you are in the same time frequency, the frequency of the truth.
No projection, no filters, no convoluted visualizations.
You are living this moment, your body becomes permeable to sensations.
You feel the enthusiasm, that means (from the greek) having God in you.
Yes you can say it bro. You are living.

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